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Summer Village of Bonnyville Beach

Welcome to the Summer Village website - New Styling and hopefully improved content. We are trying to make this site more accessible for all devices and you should be able to view it effectively on Phones, Tablets and Desktops. The new calendar tab will take you to a live updated calender with events for the beach and Hall rental dates noted.

Results from PUBLIC HEARING Held on December 20th, 2018
RE: BYLAW 153-2018  
Click on the picture on the right to download a copy.    --------------->
Public notices printed in the Bonnyville Nouvelle on December 4 and December 11th. 
Notification was posted on the Summer Village Website.
Notices were e-mailed to all existing accounts for the ratepayers of the Summer Village.
Public hearing held on December 20th 2018 at the Summer Village of Bonnyville Beach Hall Located at 184 Summer Village of Bonnyville Beach
Doors opened at 6:30 pm --
Attending was the Administrator for the summer Village. Lionel Tercier.
No objections were received.
One request for the text of the bylaw was received at the office from Mr Switzer of Lot 307 and the text of the bylaw was emailed to him on November 20, 2018 
The bylaw will proceed to 2nd and 3rd reading at the next regular Council meeting.


Mayor-Grant Ferbey

The Mayor is chosen from the 3 members on Council and fills the position for at least 1 year. Currently our mayor is Grant Ferbey

Deputy Mayor-
Laurie Gardner

The Deputy Mayor is chosen by the council to serve if the Mayor is away or unable to fufill the duties.

Tom Thackeray

Every member of Council is available to provide you with information about the operations of Council and answer questions you might have..


If you have questions about the Summer Village operations please email the administrator or Call the beach office at 780-826-2925 and leave a message

Renting the Beach Hall

Renting the Beach hall- please check the calendar for free days and download the
rental agreement

Contact Hall Rental 

Click on the Icon above to send an email to the hall rental manager for bookings or more information about renting our hall.

Calendar for Hall

Download the hall Rental agreement

To View the calendar for hall rentals click on the picture on the left. To download the hall rental agreement click on the Icon above.


Box 6439, Stn Main
Bonnyville AB,  T9N 2G9


Phone: +1 780 826 2925

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